Speakers' Bureau (2)

Vickie Van Dressar, Ashland University
Scott Commings, Kenyon College
Roger Veidman, Hope College
Michael Anes, Albion College
Karla Parsons-Hubbard, Oberlin College
Aaron Cinzori, Hope College
Lena Ballone, Bowling Green State University
Roger Thibault, Bowling Green State University


Develop a list of quality local speakers on STEM issues willing to speak at schools in Ohio and Michigan. Outside speakers bring "credibility" to the topic. Monies from this grant could help pay speaker fees. Proposed honorarium is $100 plus travel expenses. Could help defray costs of "established" speakers and give exposure to "new" speakers.





Travel expenses


Total budget not to exceed $2,000 in the first year and $1,000 in the second year

Funding for future years:

  • Swapping of speakers (I'll speak at your school if you'll speak at mine)

  • Departments of schools willing to support costs for future speakers after seeing the benefits of speakers coming in

  • Sharing speakers with institutions of close proximity