Sigma Xi Statement - James E. Hollenbeck

James E. Hollenbeck, Iowa Wesleyan College

The current models used in assesing student learning are generally weak in identifying the true measure of student learning. Models are set up considering the studnets verbal-linguist abilities or mathematical reasoning abilities. Gardner's work in Multiple Intelligences provides a guideline for the educator to consider other forms of assessment and abilities. An assessment based on using multiple intelligences will more accurately measure the learner's acutual learning and enable the teacher to use more accurate measures of what the student really learned. In light of a growing population of diversity among students, i.e.: cultural, and age, it is important that we are acquaited with various methods of assessment. I have been active in teaching about about multiple intelligences and applying the methodology in my classroom. students are encouraged to explore, related and associated what they know, with what they are learning and to connect with future problem solving challenges. My teaching methodology and approaches are keyed to the mission statement of Iowa Wesleyan College to prepare life long learners in service to the community.