PKAL Phase VI— Empowering Faculty: Pedagogies of Engagement

SERC/PKAL Partnership

Summit Photo - Collaboration

With support from NSF, PKAL’s Empowering Faculty: Pedagogies of Engagement initiative is undertaking a coordinated series of activities that build from and extend the experience and expertise of formal and informal collaborating networks (the Collaborating Partners) working to promote excellence in undergraduate STEM learning within their constituency. The broader impact of this project is that it moves the locus of transformational change to a focus on student learning goals at the broad institutional and consortial level and away from an individual faculty member. Further, it leverages resident expertise within the networks and within PKAL to accomplish larger goals relative to STEM learning than could be accomplished in isolation. The intellectual merit is its explicit connection between research-based learning strategies that strengthen undergraduate learning and “change” strategies that strengthen faculty interest and capacity in the realm of pedagogies of engagement.

As part of the Pedagogies of Engagement initiative, PKAL has a new partnership with the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) incorporating the pedagogic services of SERC into the initiative. The initiative is leveraging SERC's existing collection of pedagogic modules and exemplary activities as well as taking advantage of SERC's model for documenting pedagogies and faculty activities online. PKAL and SERC are using these tools to engage the formal system/consortia/network of colleges and universities that are collaborating partners in the Pedagogies of Engagement initiative.

The first steps in this collaboration are visible in a new PKAL Pedagogic Collection that draws together pre-existing materials from SERC’s Pedagogy in Action collection with new teaching activities and new and greatly enhanced pedagogic modules. These activities and modules reflect the wisdom of the team of pedagogic pioneers and the energies of the collaborating partners working with the Pedagogies of Engagement initiative, who gathered at a PKAL Pedagogical Summit in 2008.