Roles & responsibilities: Institutions

The kaleidoscopic metaphor exemplifies PKAL's emphasis that focusing on faculty, curriculum, and facilities must also be done from a broader perspective to make sense from the institutional perspective. A focus on institutional issues is woven into all PKAL activities:

  • Deans nominating faculty for the Faculty for the 21st Century are asked to describe the leadership role of the candidate within the campus community and to support the career development of their F21 members.
  • Administrators join faculty on workshop teams in developing and implementing the plan of action emerging from workshop activities.
  • PKAL, with funding from the W.M. Keck Foundation, has established the Keck/PKAL Consultant Network, a program that challenges and assists institutions to focus on reform from a kaleidoscopic perspective.

Strong science programs have a significant impact on the ability of the institution to attract good students and faculty. Increasingly, the strength of programs in science and mathematics are seen as a measure of institutional quality.