Resources from the 2001 PKAL Roundtable on Information Technology

Web Resources

Animal Diversity Web (University of Michigan)

CEO Forum on Education and Technology

The Co-Evolution of Representational Infrastructures & Social Systems

"Courselet" Project (Stanford Learning Lab, Stanford University)

Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE)

"Dual Controls" - Short Story by Thomas Banchoff

Emerging Influences of Information Technology on School Curriculum

Evolving a Distributed Learning Community

"The Gift of Gieus" - Short Story by Thomas Banchoff

Java MathWorlds or

The Learning Federation

Mastering Chemistry Web Site @ UCI

NetMath or

The New Student-Teacher Relationship: The Critical Element of 'Time' in Online Teaching

One Sky, Many Voices Project (University of Michigan)

Online Electrical Engineering Courses
See Electrical Engineering Web courses. For courses not running this semester, click on "archived" courses. Courses may be accessed with user name: aguest and password: visitor.

Online Psychology Courses (Bill Maki, Texas Tech University)

Quality on the Line: Benchmarks for Success in Internet-based Distance Learning in Higher Education

Ramapo College "Problets"

Report to the President on the Use of Technology to Strengthen K12 Education in the United States

The Scaling-Up Process for Technology-Based Educational Innovations

SMETE Digital Library Project

Southeast Consortium for Advanced Network Technology Education (SCANTE)

Steps Toward Becoming a Technologically-Wise University

Stanford University Medical Media and Information Technologies (SUMMIT) login: pkal, password: pkal2001

Synthesis Undergraduate Engineering Education Coalition

Technology Counts 1998: Putting School Technology to the Test

What's the Difference? A Review of Contemporary Research on the Effectiveness of Distance Learning in Higher Education

WISE Project (University of California - Berkeley)

Print Publications

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