2008 PKAL Pedagogies of Engagement Summit

Questions Posed to Pedagogical Pioneers

  • Is there an explicit link to research on learning that relates to and/or drives your work? If so, what is it?
  • What should be on a general list of attributes of “pedagogies of engagement?” Which of these attributes are reflected in your pedagogical approach?
  • What goals for student learning are explicitly addressed by your pedagogical approach?
  • Are there things you do as part of your pedagogical approach that can be adapted in stages, or is it necessary to undertake the whole program at one time?
  • If your program can be adapted in stages, what are the first three steps someone should take in preparing for and/or in the first term of implementing it?
  • What resources—monetary or otherwise—are necessary for instituting your program?
  • Who [either as individuals or by position] has been helpful to you as you pursued your reform efforts?
  • How do you judge the success (impact on student learning) of your pedagogical approach?
  • What are the five most easily accessible resources or tools that you would encourage faculty who want to change how they teach and how their students learn to use?