Questions for breakfast discussion: Departments and programs the work

Building Vital Undergraduate STEM Departments and Programs
The 2003 PKAL Assemblies
What Works - What Matters - What Lasts: The Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders in Undergraduate STEM

Agnes Scott College
December 5 - 7, 2003


  1. Mentoring junior faculty

    • What approaches are the most effective in mentoring junior faculty, particularly if you were recently one?
    • What are the challenges to mentoring junior faculty?
    • Based upon your own experience as a junior faculty member, what could have been done better/differently. What was done that helped?

  2. Interdisciplinary Programs

    • What are the challenges of developing interdisciplinary programs?
    • In developing and implementing interdisciplinary programs, what works best?
    • How should responsibility be divided in interdisciplinary programs? (i.e. When the program is not in a single department, how do faculty work together to achieve goals that are beyond their department of hiring?

  3. Integrating Teaching and Research

    • How do you integrate teaching and research? What challenges and opportunities do you face?
    • Is your combination of teaching and research expected or something you do on your own?
    • What are the incentives for bringing your research into thte classroom?

  4. Departments That Work

    • Does your department work? Why or why not?
    • What characteristics of your department lead to your answer to the question above.
    • What can you do to make your department work?

  5. Faculty Teaching Incentives

    • What incentives are in place at your institution presently to stimulate your use of new teaching approaches?
    • What kinds of incentives would stimulate you to use new teaching approaches?
    • What changes do you think are needed for the faculty reward and incentive system?

  6. Building Cross Disciplinary Connections

    • How can we build cross disciplinary connections into an existing curriculum?
    • What will be the challenges of developing these connections?
    • If you have already worked on building such connections, what have you experienced that works?