A Recent History of Curriculum and Assessment in Undergraduate Programs in Psychology
Charles L. Brewer, Furman University
Jane S. Halonen, James Madison University
This brief review documents how curricular and assessment issues have evolved over the last 20 years in undergraduate psychology.

Undergraduate Psychology Major Learning Goals and Outcomes
American Psychological Association - Board of Educational Affairs

A Science-Based, Integrative Pilot Approach to Introduction to Psychology
Nancy K. Dess, Occidental College
A pilot introductory course ventures away from the traditional approach of explaining the structure of the discipline and toward a topical teaching approach that exchanges depth for breadth.

Courses for Majors: Student Research Experiences
Emily G. Soltano, Worcester State College
Student research experiences replace the traditional lecture format to involve students in the professional and academic life of psychology as well as to increase retention of majors.

Addressing one American Psychological Association goal for student learning
Christine A. Marco, Rhode Island College
A department endeavors to implement a curriculum assessment strategy using APA's broad goals for student learning.

PsychExperiments: A Web-based Resource for Enhancing Science Training Through Simulation
Kenneth O. McGraw, University of Mississippi
PsychExperiments, a website developed at the University of Mississippi, offers interactive experiments, data collection and data analysis for instructors to use to add or improve laboratory components to their instruction.

Renovation of Psychology Department Research Facilities
Janet Gray, Vassar College
Vassar College invests in improvements of its psychology department's research facilities to provide a modern, safe and appropriate space for implementing its research-based curriculum in the neural and behavioral sciences.