Presenters and Planning Committee

Planning Committee

Gerald L. Hanley
Program Manager, MERLOT
Professor of Psychology
California State University-Long Beach

Ann Johnson
Education Solutions Manager
Environmental Systems Research Institute

Timothy Killeen
National Center for Atmospheric Research
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Cathryn A. Manduca
Director, Carleton Science Education Resource Center
Coordinator, DLESE Community Issues and Groups
Carleton College

Richard McCray
George Gamow Distinguished Professor
Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder

Carol B. Muller
President and CEO

Gregor M. Novak
Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
United States Air Force Academy

Robert F. Olin
University of Alabama

Carey Phillips
Professor of Biology
Department of Biology
Bowdoin College

Ann Catherine Smith F21
Director, Undergraduate Programs
Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
University of Maryland College Park

Nicholas J. Turro
Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Columbia University

Paul E. Vorndam F21
Professor and Chair
Department of Chemistry
Colorado State University-Pueblo

Jessica R. Young F21
Associate Professor of Biology
Director of Environmental Studies Program
Department of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Western State College

F21 Project Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 21st Century Member