Plenary Session V: From Audits to Assessment

2009 Facilities Workshop at Duke University

As part of the planning process, institutions have underlying goals for their project, which are sometimes articulated and other ti mes are vague, general understandings. Developing measurable goals for a project will enable the various stakeholders in the institution to come to a consensus about what they hope to accomplish as a result of the new or renovated facility. They can then operationalize the goals into measurable outcomes, using quantitative and/or qualitative methods.

In this session, panelists will bring a wide range of perspectives and experiences to bear on the questions:

  • How does an institution create a measurable goal(s) for a project?
  • How does an institution measure progress towards or achievement of the goal?

Panelists will address such issues as the relationship of assessment of facilities to the institutional strategic plan, assembling a team for an assessment initiative, types of methodologies that may be employed, and the need for ongoing assessment aft er the project is completed.