Plenary IV: Laboratories for 21st Century Students, Science & Technology

Richard M. Heinz, Principal, Research Facilities Design

The undergraduate sciences are undergoing a revolution, and the changes are being seen in new facility types and features, as well as in the laboratory design. In this session, you'll see a presentation on the latest trends in undergraduate sciences facilities for the future, hear how changing pedagogies are impacting laboratory sizes and layouts for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and see alternative building floor plates that support various strategies for encouraging interdisciplinary interaction and collaborative learning. The challenges of renovating or expanding existing Sputnik-era science buildings will also be explored.

Critical benchmarking data for a variety of key area and cost ratios will be presented for recent projects, including new construction, additions, and renovations for undergraduate sciences facilities throughout the United States. This analysis will include a discussion of the factors that impact these ratios, and strategies for applying benchmarking data to projects on your campus.