Plenary II:
A kaleidoscope of options for undergraduate environmental (ERE) programs

A kaleidoscope of options for undergraduate environmental (ERE) programs
Friday, September 19, 2003
4:00 - 5:15 pm

Margrit von Braun, Professor and Director Environmental Science and Engineering Programs -University of Idaho

Anna Cavinato, Chair, Division of Science Mathematics and Technology- Eastern Oregon University
James Howard, Dean, College of Natural Resources and Sciences- Humboldt State University
Robert Lackey (invited), Deputy Director, EPA Western Ecology Division Lab, Corvallis
Brad Smith, Dean, Huxley College of Environmental Sciences- Western Washington University

A panel of administrators, faculty and students will address the following questions:

  • should ERE programs have a common set of core competencies?
  • how can we best assess ERE programs, and how can we use that assessment to obtain feedback to redesign ERE curricula?
  • how can we integrate campus-wide sustainability issues into the formal ERE academic program?
  • how can the physical infrastructure on our campuses (buildings and grounds) be enhance the formal academic ERE program?
  • how do we attract and sustain the interest of students from underrepresented groups into ERE programs, and motivate them to major in related fields?
  • how do we integrate the interests, concerns and potential of K-12 students and teachers into the formal and informal curricula in the undergraduate setting?