PKAL Phase VI— Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning

C. How- Application Process

Interested campuses should submit a one-page letter of intent by May 30, 2008 to that includes:

  1. A description of an ID STEM program and progress toward developing, implementing, and assessing the program.
  2. A description of what the campus hopes to achieve through their involvement in the project.

Letters will be reviewed and selected campuses will be invited to submit a more detailed application that will be due in mid-June 2008.

Project support for participating institutional teams:

  • Travel, room, and board (up to $1000) for campus team leader to attend the August 2008 orientation meeting.

Expected institutional support:

  • Team member travel, room, and board for two summer meetings in 2009 and 2010.
  • Assign/release time for faculty to develop, implement, and assess program; prepare project reports.
  • Campus community building activities and program implementation costs.

Other project support:

  • Project leadership, mentors, and consultants (honoraria and one campus visit).
  • PKAL staff support.
  • Online seminar and web access/support resources.
  • Invitational Roundtables (1/year) - travel, room, and board for invitees (some invitees may be from participating institutions).
  • Access to resources, publications.
  • Meeting organization and logistics support.

Please submit questions to