STEM Student Learning Goals: Creativity

B. Papers from the community of stakeholders– creativity as a student learning goal

New Posting: November 5, 2007

Tori Haring-Smith, President of Washington and Jefferson College, challenges the community to focus on developing creative thinkers as a key pedagogical goal for the work of transforming the undergraduate STEM learning environment. Haring-Smith centers on the relationship between reflection and creative ability, reminding us that Coleridge, Archimedes, and Newton “all had insights at moments of rest and reflection. Coleridge was snoozing, Archimedes bathing, and Newton sitting in the shade of a tree.” Thus, programming reflection time into learning time seems a prudent course of action.

The United States Military Academy program is an integrated system in which goals for student learning drive all planning and assessment relating to the development of programs, faculty, and students. We invite your attention here to the work focusing on creativity as a goal for student learning and institutional transformation.