PKAL Reports and Publications

Materials from the various PKAL events are presented to the wider community through both print and electronic publications. PKAL publications, in use on campuses across the county, show how the PKAL vision of what works affects decisions considering student learning in mathematics and the sciences, how to ensure the success of all students, nurture a faculty, and build accommodating spaces.

Report on Reports: Recommendations for Action in Support of Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Report on Project Kaleidoscope, 2000-2001
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Information Technology Roundtable Paper
The 2001 PKAL Change Agent Roundtable
jointly sponsored by Project Kaleidoscope and Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
March 2-4, 2001

Investing in Faculty
Report on Project Kaleidoscope, 2000-2001

PKAL Volume III: Structures for Science
A Handbook for Planning Facilities for Undergraduate Natural Science Communities
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