PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century National Assembly

Saturday AM/PM Breakout Sessions

Facilitated by F21 members and village elders, this is a time to discuss career decisions such as:

A01 moving in new or reclaiming lost research directions
A02 becoming chair of a department or major academic program
A03 becoming a senior administrator
A04 being a catalyst for interdisciplinary activities on your campus
A05 being a catalyst for new pedagogies on your campus
A06 focusing on the scholarship of teaching and learning
A07 moving to a new institution
A08 leaving academe, even if only temporarily (NSF rotator, for example)
A09 becoming a progressive provocateur on your campus
A10 pursuing international research & curricular collaborations
A11 increasing the diversity & success of my undergraduate STEM community
A12 becoming a chair of a major institutional committee
A13 being a mentor for rising leaders in my communities
A14 organizing an external review (being an external reviewer)
A15 leading within a national organization or disciplinary society