PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century National Assembly

Optional Activities (Saturday Afternoon)

There will be opportunities to discuss staying sane and succeeding in receiving tenure by pre-tenure faculty.

The future of the F21 network was addressed at several of the assemblies in 2003, and those conversations shaped the proposal that was submitted to (and funded by) ExxonMobil late in 2003. The proposal (which can be reviewed online through the 2004 F21 National Assembly webpage) supports activities that engage members of the F21 community, including:

  • continuing support for scientists-in-residence (one month or longer) in the PKAL National Office
  • continuing support for activities at national disciplinary societies sponsored by F21 members
  • continuing support for distribution of leadership materials to F21 members
  • new support for "grass-roots" weekend seminars organized by F21 members
  • continued support for the national assembly.