PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century National Assembly

Network of Networks Convocation

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Preceding the 2004 F21 Assembly, PKAL will be hosting a convocation of its Networks Project. Recognizing the potential of networks, PKAL is engaged in a series of coordinated activities to identify, build and connect networks. With support from FIPSE (Fund for the Improvement of Post-secondary Education, U.S. Department of Education), PKAL is bringing networks online in a select number of geographic regions, enhancing the work of existing networks and collaborations within disciplinary and interdisciplinary communities, and focusing on developing virtual communities of practice. Such formal networks include the Hudson Valley Regional Network, the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience network, the Disciplinary Society-Educational Association (DSEA) Alliance network. Informal, yet very active networks within PKAL include the F21 Department/Program Chairs network and the PKAL Architects and Design Professionals. The convocation will serve to highlight the success of established networks and to further the development of those still nascent.