PKAL "Central" Midwest Network in Conjunction with the ACUBE Meeting

Nancy Sanders, Truman State University


ACUBE Annual Meeting (Assocation of College and University Biology Educators) will be hosted by Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri; we could add to the usual Thursday evening to Saturday noon schedule a Saturday afternoon PKAL F21 biology network session - axtend possibily into the evening. Food/accomodation is cheap, as is the meeting registration (usually includes all materials and meals for ~$70). Even with inexpensive costs for the meeting, many people can afford only one meeting per year and it is generally a choice made for a disciplinary focused meeting (this can't afford a meeting added to this). We propose tugging in a PKAL Saturday afternoon-evening session to be added to the ACUBE annual meeting - a theme suggested was "How We Teach Evolution: Problems Faced & Solutions Suggested"

Truman is within driving distance (7 hours) of 8 different states and many major cities



Option 1:
One possibility is funded travel grants
$100/person would give 20
$200/person would give 10
~$70-75 (registration) or cover an additional night at the hotel ($50-70)

Option 2:
Sponsor a speaker (travel & honorarium) ~$1,000
Evening banquet for F21
~$500 or less + hotel (10 rooms) for the extra night) (up to 20 people)


Total budget not to exceed $2,000 in the first year and $1,000 in the second year