PKAL Phase VI— Empowering Faculty: Pedagogies of Engagement

Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges

Founded in 1932, the Connecticut Conference of Colleges (CCIC) represents seventeen accredited nonprofit independent colleges and universities in Connecticut. These institutions are bound by a common commitment to quality instruction and dedicated to collaborative efforts that strengthen the independent sector of higher education in Connecticut. CCIC serves its member institutions through government relations, public policy development, research analysis, communications and coordinated member services.

Meetings & Reports

Connecticut Higher Education in the Public Square: Promoting STEM Literacy
Yale University -October 30, 2009

Planning Meeting
July 14, 2009

Meeting for Chief Academic Officers/Deans
Saint Joseph College -March 20, 2009

Building a Connecticut College and University STEM Network: Supporting Pedagogies of Engagement
Yale University -October 24, 2008

Building a Connecticut College & University STEM Network: Keeping Students Engaged in STEM
Meeting Notes
Saint Joseph College -July 8, 2008

Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges Meeting
Meeting Notes
Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. -May 2, 2008