Project Kaleidoscope Phase VI

Project Resources

Empowering Faculty: Pedagogies of Engagement

The foundation for this project is PKAL’s experience in planning workshops, nurturing networks, and shaping connections that facilitate the transfer of ideas, materials, and established practices in building robust undergraduate STEM learning environments. Other PKAL resources are access to leaders having demonstrable success in implementing and assessing new pedagogies, as well as to the growing PKAL archive of materials on the theory and practice of pedagogical change, faculty development, and institutional renewal.

Network resources include resident experts relative to developing and assessing contemporary pedagogical and assessment practices and to dealing with issues relating to faculty development and institutional change. Further resources networks bring to this collaboration are existing and time-tested mechanisms for communicating with and connecting individuals and institutions within a specific network.

The most significant shared resource brought to this collaboration is the commitment to tackling the hard work of scaling-up and institutionalizing programs and practices that attract more undergraduates to the study of STEM fields, motivating them to persist, succeed and pursue careers in these fields.