Project Kaleidoscope Phase VI

Project Deliverables

Empowering Faculty: Pedagogies of Engagement

There are several deliverables embedded in this project:

  • increase the number of faculty within a specific network engaged collectively in exploring, adapting, implementing, and assessing contemporary STEM pedagogies, faculty who are working with colleagues on their home campus, within the network and within the broader PKAL community
  • inform campus/network colleagues of these STEM faculty of the potential of contemporary pedagogies to serve institutional goals for student learning and national goals in the educational, scientific and technological arenas
  • develop a "work-in-progress" PKAL Handbook on STEM Faculty Development that serves as an annotated resource
  • establish sustainable "mini-networks" within larger networks for the continued sharing of ideas and materials over the long-term
  • identify promising practices in shaping social networks for the dissemination of ideas and materials shaping the future of learning in the undergraduate STEM environment.