Ohio Network Undergraduate Computational Science (ONUCS)

Ignatios Vakalis, Capital University
Andrea M. Karkowski, Capital University
Terry D. Lahm, Capital University


We have identified a core group of undergraduate educators who are interested in computational science. This project would provide support for continued interaction and allow us to expand the core group.

Purpose: To establish a foundation for statewide undergraduate computational science

Immediate Goal: To create a network of undergraduate schools who will: 1) develop computational science educational materials, 2) assist in the implementation of these materials, 3) facilitate the dissemination of these materials, 4) foster collaborations among institutions.

Potential Participants: Capital University, Wittenberg University, Denison University, Kenyon College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Miami University, Youngstown State University, University of Dayton, College of Wooster, Oberlin College, the Ohio Super-computer Center.

Longterm Vision: 1) Seek funding from Ohio-based agencies to create course and curricular materials, 2) foster faculty and student exchanges between schools, 3) create undergraduate computational science research experiences, 4) expand the network regionally and nationally, and 5) develop connections with high school mathematics and science educators.

Budget & Timeline:


Student Help (secretarial/organizational)


Develop webpage & listserve to provide info/resources


Contact schools/meet at C.U. (travel/food/materials)


Implement materials/assess implementation/report to PKAL


Meeting with individuals to write grant


Liaison travel to institutions to write/assemble grant


Assessment and Report to PKAL


Total budget not to exceed $2,000 in the first year and $1,000 in the second year