NDURE - Network of Directors of Undergraduate Research Experiences

Ever hear of NDURE, probably not! NDURE- Network of Directors of Undergraduate Research Experiences. That is the acronym the 13 of us that met this past weekend at Winthrop (funded by a small grant from PKAL) came up with. There is clearly a need for a forum for UR directors to meet and exchange ideas, best practices, etc. We aren't sure where an appropriate home might be for us given that NDURE members could present/participate/have a voice at NCUR FAN sessions, PKAL, CUR, and Reinvention Center as well as other meetings and societies focused on undergraduate education.

We will have a FAN session at the 2005 NCUR meeting in which this core group will be disseminating information on: mission statements, objectives, budgets, administrative structures, assessment tools, ideas on how to interact with similar programs on campus as well as faculty development ideas.

We are working on getting a listserve going and a website (which will be rudimentary in nature for a while). If you are interested in being involved in the network, would like to have access to the list serve and/or have materials you'd like to share, please contact:

Dr. Mary Crowe
Director, Center for Undergraduate Research
Xavier University of Louisiana
1 Drexel Drive, P.O. Box 34
New Orleans, LA 70125
504 520 5747