Lessons learned: Leadership

Leadership in reform requires kaleidoscopic perspective. Leaders must give attention to all facets of the undergraduate environment as well as work to ensure that all stakeholders are at the table. The challenge for leaders is to build an environment in which ideas flourish, are shared openly and freely, where risks are taken, and the possibility of failure is acceptable: a community in which people of good faith have come together around a common vision and sense of purpose.

One cannot lead without vision, a knowledge of politics and a knowledge of self. These pages have been organized around these key themes:

  • Vision: Why lead? provides resources to help you identify and create your own vision
  • Politics: How to lead? provides useful resources for faculty, chairs and senior administrators on roles, responsibilities, and specific issues of leadership
  • Personal: Who should lead? provides motivational and practical advice for would-be change agents
  • Applied Leadership provides practical resources for specific leadership opportunities such as in facility planning.