PKAL Phase VI— Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning

Project Participant Expectations

Project Participants:

A group of 30 campus teams from colleges and universities was selected in mid-summer 2008.

Participating institutions:

  • have an existing undergraduate interdisciplinary STEM program that they desire to improve in a way consistent with the project objectives
  • represent a diverse complement of undergraduate program and institutional types commit to sustained program improvement and project participation through 2010 Project Timeline

    Participating Institutions

    Participating Campus Expectations:

    • Participate in activities outlined in the Project Timeline
    • Provide and share data, and submit project reports regarding project results
    • Support participation in the project, including travel to two summer meetings
    • Support program development, implementation and assessment
    • Engage the broader campus community in activities that facilitate undergraduate interdisciplinary learning

    In turn, the project will provide participating campuses with the following:

    • Opportunities to inform and advance the development of an undergraduate interdisciplinary STEM initiative on your campus
    • Opportunities to meet, connect and collaborate with others who are developing similar programs
    • Access to experts and resources to help advance campus program
    • Participation in a prestigious, national STEM education research project
    • Ability to leverage project participation for program development; be an example for the nation
    • Participation in the development of a national interdisciplinary STEM resource for undergraduate education