Intangible Benefits and Costs

Intangible Benefits

The new facility has the potential to increase collegiality amongst faculty, promote curricular innovation, increase student and faculty research. The new space may be instrumental in retaining your best faculty, and in attracting strong new faculty It may add significantly to the prestige of your institution attracting prospective students from the brightest segment of the application pool. These benefits are difficult to quantify, but they clearly add to the luster of the institution and help to create the opportunities and milieu that promote a thriving, dynamic educational environment for the natural science community on your campus.

Intangible Costs

A major project is extremely demanding on all institutional resources; it requires considerable time, energy, oversight, and attention, probably beyond what anyone expects at the beginning of planning. This is time and energy away from other campus responsibilities in classrooms, labs, and/or administrative offices, which adds up to a significant cost. Faculty, administrators, facilities managers, and support staff expected to participate in the planning over and above their other responsibilities may lose morale and productivity. The president and other administrators need to anticipate these time commitments and the pressures they may place on staff and faculty, and consider ways to support, encourage, and help those involved in the planning of the new facility.