How DSEAs Inform & Enhance PKAL Activities

PKAL's connections to disciplinary societies and educational associations help to inform and enhance the planning of PKAL activities. From the point of exploring issues of importance to undergraduate STEM, to publicizing PKAL events to disseminating the results to their membership, this network of peer organizations is key to PKAL efforts to transform undergraduate STEM education.

For example, Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, has helped to plan and co-sponsors events with PKAL for the last four years. For example, Sigma Xi has helped to plan and promote the PKAL Summer Institute series (2000 - 2002). Sigma Xi's most significant involvement, though, was with the PKAL Roundtables on the Future. Sigma Xi has helped to plan and co-sponsored Roundtables on the Future, since 2000. Their involvement with the Roundtables has ensured that the broadest range of voices possible is brought to the table as PKAL explores cutting edge issues in undergraduate STEM education. For more information on these Roundtables, visit the Roundtable reports on Information Technology and Assessment.

Other recent collaborations include: