Volume IV: What works, what matters, what lasts

Survey on the use of "HPL" insights to shape programs, policies, and spaces

PKAL surveyed KC colloquium participants to determine level of awareness of research on how people learn and if/how that awareness informs their work. We present both the KC responses, and the original survey for use by the larger PKAL community.

PKAL surveyed the KC Colloquium participants to determine level of awareness and use of insights about how students learn, as it informs their work in classroom, lab, and administrative offices. (This survey was based on one used by JiTT practitioners.) We learned, for example, that although 49% of respondents indicated their department includes a professional whose scholarly field is research on learning in the discipline, 79% had never used HPL as a resource for departmental planning.

For more the complete results from KC participants, visit: JiTT survey results.

To review the survey for use by your home campus or disciplinary society, visit http://www.pkal.org/surveys/kc-jitt-2005.cfm.