PKAL Learning Spaces Collaboratory

Greening Facilities and Greening Campuses: Perspectives of the Construction Professional

PKAL LSC Webinar - November 10, 2010


John Huggett, Sr. Project Manager— The Boldt Company
Andrew Fieber, Project Manager— The Boldt Company

David R. Narum, Principal- GreenWay Partners, Inc.

Among the important lessons learned over the past decade about planning learning spaces are that this is an increasingly complex undertaking and thus a more diverse set of planners need to be at the table earlier and throughout the process. This includes faculty whose goals for student learning must be served by the project and institutional leaders whose vision for environmental stewardship must be served by the project. In this webinar, we will explore one opportunity to link these goals and vision in the context of major projects: to have the perspective of the construction manager at the table informing the process of imagining possibilities, exploring alternatives, making decisions that have programmatic and budgetary impact (short-and long-term).

Key Points:

  • Understanding how institutional goals for student learning and environmental stewardship connect.
  • Grounding local planning in national sustainability initiatives.
  • Examining various opportunities for exploring alternatives and making decisions, given project goals.
  • Considering the long-term, the life-cycle of the facility.
  • Establishing bench-marks against which to determine how the final project measured up to goals for learning, goals for environmental stewardship.

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