Fund Raising

The energy and attention required to plan and to raise funds for a new science facility is, of necessity, focused inward. Once the major decisions have been made about the scope, quality, and site of the new facility however, it is important to look outside your institution. Contemplating, and then planning for and carrying out, a fund raising effort to secure new or renovated science facilities is both daunting and exhilarating.

To be effective in securing support for your facility you need to address this larger context and be prepared to tell your story based on what contribution the project will make to your students and to society at large. Project Kaleidoscope argues that your immediate fund raising goal will be easier to achieve if you also make the effort to connect your individual project to larger societal goals. What potential donors want and need is assurance, and reassurance, that the project is a feasible one and that it will succeed. Fund-raising success with any project is directly related to being able to provide prospective done with clear evidence of an institutional endorsement of the proposed facility.