Foundations for Planning: Building Structures With Soul

We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.
-Winston Churchill

Plans for new science facilities should always have an institution's overall educational mission and priorities at heart. In planning for new science equipment and constructions, the core goal must be the building of "natural science communities" that reflect the aims of the individual campuses and the wider educational enterprise. Because the campus is the common ground of the educational experience, how it looks and how it is organized must be considered by the entire campus community-faculty, administrators, students, and trustees. The shape of curriculum to be housed in classrooms must be determined before the first floor plans are drawn up. Though difficult, the struggle to reach a campus consensus on planning new spaces can create an ongoing campus community that is sympathetic with and supportive of a strong science program.

"But an institution cannot be built of wholesome usage, until its precise mission has been determined. An institution is a machine in that its whole structure and functioning must be divined in view of the service it is expected to perform. In other words, the root of university reform is a complete formulation of its purpose. Any alteration, or touching up, or adjustment about this house of ours, unless it starts by reviewing the problem of its mission-clearly, decisively, truthfully-will be love's labor lost."
- José Ortega y Gasset. Mission of the University