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During this summer of 2007, we have begun a modest renovation of the PKAL STEM Facilities Planning Resource on the PKAL web site. This work reflects PKAL’s continuing recognition of the integral relationship between the quality and character of learning of students and spaces for learning—spaces matter.

It also reflects our awareness that contemporary challenges confronting campus leaders planning new spaces for undergraduate science are becoming more and more complex, and thus that it is urgent for the community of planners to explore how to respond to these challenges in ways that reflect a sure sense of the future. The opportunity, as always, is to shape a learning environment (physical, intellectual, and social) that reflects the institutional mission and vision, recognizes local circumstances and context, and serves the natural science community well.

Thus, we are reorganizing resources that have accumulated over the past fifteen years, removing outdated and duplicative materials. It is interesting to note the changing nature of Burning Questions submitted by teams attending PKAL’s Facilities Planning Workshops.

We are:

  • Assembling a PKAL Facilities Portfolio around five major themes that capture contemporary issues relating to the why, how and who of planning new spaces for undergraduate STEM learning communities. This portfolio will include essays, stories, reports, interviews and workshop presentations that will inform coming generations of campus planning teams.
  • Updating the PKAL Facilities Directory, with an intent to capture information, data and stories that present recent and upcoming projects that incorporate creative and adaptable approaches to addressing contemporary challenges and opportunities in the process of planning undergraduate STEM facilities. A formal process has been established by which colleges and universities (working with their architects and/or lab designers) can submit their project for listing on the PKAL Facilities Directory (Procedure for Project Listing).
  • Shaping a PKAL Facilities Planning Toolkit

If you are a college or university and would like to submit a project to be listed on the Project Kaleidoscope website please click here