Facilities Directory Submission Procedure

A formal process has been established by which colleges and universities (working with their architects and/or lab designers) can submit their project for listing on the PKAL Facilities Directory.

Please send an e-mail with the subject line Facilities Update that includes the following information to pkal@pkal.org

Project Specifications:
  • Location:
  • Project Name:
  • Primary Design Professional:
  • Campus Contact
  • Net/gross square footage:
  • Cost:
  • Construction Period:
  • Date completed (projected):
Submission should also include the following:
  • Disciplines housed
  • Photos with students and descriptive captions (.jpeg or .gif format under 1mb)


  1. Describe one or two compelling features of the project (co-authored as appropriate)
  2. Please select the category most appropriate for this story:
    • The People and Process
    • The Project Scope
    • The Project Vision and Context
    • Spaces for Undergraduate STEM Learning Communities
    • A Focus on the Future
  3. Stories
Among others, this page serves as an example of the type of story we are looking for.

If you have any other question please contact us.