PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century

Member Qualifications and Nomination Procedures

Class of 2007 - Nomination Deadline: September 30, 2007

Nomination Procedures

Qualifications [Top]

The initial invitation seeking F21 nominations included the criteria that those eligible to participate in this network are faculty who have:

  • demonstrated the capacity to make a difference in the lives of their students
  • shown promise that they have the ideas, energy and capability to take charge of their futures - in the classroom and lab, on their campus, and in the broader scientific and academic community
  • clear potential to contribute to and benefit from involvement with this network.

It is informative to review past letters of nomination from senior administrators, and note the persistent characteristics that deans identify as signaling leadership potential:

"…has demonstrated an impressive record as teacher and scholar, using undergraduate research as a significant component in his teaching. He has been at the forefront on our campus in introducing distributed education into his teaching. Because of his capacity to make complex issues clear and understandable he was recently invited to deliver a series of lectures on water safety; he engaged a diverse set of audiences throughout our region on this critically important issue, bring to bear both his considerable scholarship and ability as a teacher, and his good humor."
"I hope I have conveyed her many talents and leadership skills. She is a multifaceted talent, and has proven to be an excellent teacher, a productive scientist and a skilled leaders and administrator. She has applied for grants, initiated new concentrations in molecular biology, has helped improve the biotechnology minor, been involved at the statewide level in assessment programs… I am looking forward to watching her develop into one of our finest professors."

Nomination Procedures [Top]

Deadline (extended): September 30, 2007

The F21 Nomination process is in two stages. First, we require a letter of nomination from a senior academic administrator in which s/he describes how the nominee is demonstrating leadership capacity, at the campus level and/or at the national level.

Once a letter of nomination has been received, the nominee will be asked to prepare an interview. More information on stage two will be coming shortly.

Send Nomination Letter to:

Deadline (extended): September 30, 2007