Building Spaces for Science that Make a Difference
The 2003 PKAL Assemblies
What Works - What Matters - What Lasts: The Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders in Undergraduate STEM

September 12 - 14, 2003

Oscar J. Boldt Construction
Ellenzweig Associates
American Council of Academic Deans (ACAD)


Institutional teams are desired, including faculty from any of the STEM disciplines, together with administrators with budget authority.

In the application process, teams are asked to include: a one-page description of the current status of their planning, together with a brief discussion of the goals for student learning that drive the planning. These institutional reports will be used to assign consultants to each participating team for assistance in developing their agenda for action. In addition, teams are asked to submit a "burning question" that they would like addressed during the pre-assembly electronic discussions, and at the assembly.

Each team will work on developing an agenda for action to bring back to their colleagues that outlines steps to take to continue the process of planning new spaces for science.

A follow-up report is expected in the PKAL National Office within six months. A reminder and a template for this report will be sent.