Tried & True: Investigative Psychophysiology Activities for Your Introductory Psychology Course

Example: Letter of Institutional Support

An example of a letter of institutional support required in the application for the 2007 Psychophysiology Workshop.

To apply, complete the online application form.

Dear Application Commmittee:

I am very pleased to write in support of the application of Dr. Psychology to attend the 2007 Psychophysiology Workshop at Itasca Community College (or St. Olaf College).

This workshop intends to cover many of the issues that we are facing or are about to address as we consider the integration of hands-on learning activities into our introductory courses. Dr. Psychology will represent Example College and I agree to support Dr. Psychology in fulfilling the stated expectations of participation. Following satisfactory review by our Institutional Review Board, or others, Example College also agree to provide data about students (gradepoint average, school attendance rates, course registration patterns, and verification of future enrollment plans).

Dr. Dean

To apply, complete the online application form.