All Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL) activities are designed to build institutional teams informed about and committed to strengthening the science/ mathematics programs for which they are responsible.

One of the aims of PKAL workshops is to equip teams for leadership in reforms on their home campus. There are many perspectives from which to gain a sense of PKAL workshops. One is to consider that a critical objective of these meetings is to build continuing connections— connections that are intellectual, as well as those that are personal and institutional. Ultimately, through individual workshops or events, with carefully orchestrated pre- and post-activities, we hope participants begin to shape an intellectual community that has its focus on the issues of student learning; one that parallels the more customary community of scholars that has its focus on scientific research. It is our hope that attendance at a PKAL event will provide opportunities to connect to persons and ideas that can further your work in the months and years ahead.