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19. Ensuring a Strong U.S.... 2000 - National Science & Technology Council



To federal agencies

  • Evaluate how the wide range of federal programs can enlarge the ST&E talent pool by encouraging greater participation of all ethnic and gender groups. Consistent with the Government Performance and Results Act, an important criterion for support of these programs should be their effectiveness in promoting a strong 21st century ST&E workforce. Agencies should expand or add programs that effectively overcome barriers such as the transition from one educational level to the next and that address student requirements for financial resources. Where appropriate they should work in concert with the private sector.
  • Support research on barriers to full participation of underrepresented ethnic and gender groups. The federal government should take the lead in fully understanding the dimensions of the ST&E human resources challenge and in raising the results of research to the attention of all stakeholders to promote future action.
  • Enhance the dialogue on integration of research and education, and develop a national dialogue on barriers to participation with private industry, academe, local government, and community leaders, as well as women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.
  • Establish and oversee the maintenance of an Internet site that provides information on ST&E workforce-related programs.
  • Foster cooperation among institutions, such as partnerships and networks. Examples include partnerships between minority serving institutions and research universities to enrich the research experiences of staff and students; public-private partnerships; and networks or partnerships in a state or region.
  • Reward exemplary efforts to increase inclusiveness and provide workforce opportunities.
  • Increase diversity within an agency’s own scientific and technical workforce and encourage grantees and contractors to promote diversity.
  • Ensuring a Strong U.S. …2000


    *NOTE: Graph data from Science & Engineering Indicators-2002. National Science Foundation, 2002