Drossman, Howard
The Colorado College

Howard Drossman
The Colorado College
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Environmental Science Program Director


Howard Drossman received his B.S. in chemistry from U.C. Berkeley in 1981 and his Ph.D. in bioanalytical chemistry from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1992. In the interim he studied environmental engineering at Stanford University while working as an environmental chemist at SRI International, where he studied the fate of pollutants in aquatic systems. Howard is currently Associate Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science Program Director at Colorado College. He teaches classes in the areas of General, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. His experience teaching and developing environmental science classes includes: A Sustainable CC Campus, Global Bioethics, Environmental Ethics, Capstone Experience, Water, Air, Biogeochemistry, and Energy and the Environment. Howard's current environmental research is in the areas of interdisciplinary curriculum development, nitrogen cycling, chemical ecology and aquatic chemistry. Howard is a member of the 1994 class of Project Kaleidoscope's Faculty for the 21st Century and was a MacArthur Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Colorado College from 1994-1996.

Drossman ERE Experience
Howard Drossman has been a member of the Colorado College Environmental Science Program Committee since its inception in 1995. In 2000, he was appointed as Environmental Science Program Director and recently appointed to a second term through 2007. As program director, Howard has overseen the transition from a department-based environmental science curriculum to an integrated interdisciplinary program. He has also been writing and administering curriculum and equipment grants including: Scientific Equipment for Modern Research-Based Introductory Classes in Environmental Science and Developing Interdisciplinary Classes in Environmental Science for the environmental science program since 1996. Howard has given numerous presentations on interdisciplinary curriculum development in bioanalytical and environmental chemistry. In 2002-2003, Howard chaired the first Colorado College Working Group on Campus Sustainability, established to assess prior activities and propose a plan for the future of sustainability activities on the CC campus. Howard has also served on several external reviews for environmental programs. In 1998, Howard and his wife Julie Francis co-founded Catamount Institute in Woodland Park, Colorado where research and education programs promote land conservation and inspire ecological stewardship. He has served as the Executive Director and currently serves as vice-president and treasurer of the Board of Directors and as Director of the Catamount Biological Field station.