Chemistry Portfolio

A major aspect of the emerging PKAL Volume IV on institutional transformation is a series of portfolios from the various disciplinary and interdisciplinary communities within undergraduate STEM.

This portfolio captures activities of scholars taking responsibility for shaping the future of undergraduate programs in chemistry. Here you will find essays relating stories about reforming specific aspects of undergraduate chemistry, “reporting-out” material from PKAL-related activities serving chemistry (workshops, roundtables, and resources from the PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century community), and other resources to aid faculty, departments and institutions in reforming their chemistry programs.

The American Chemical Society also provides great resources for chemistry educators at its website

These PKAL portfolios are intended as resources for leaders from all disciplinary and/or interdisciplinary fields. They provide examples of how colleagues are exploring ways to strengthen student learning: setting goals for student learning, designing academic programs consonant with those goals, and assessing student progress toward achieving those goals.