Campbell, A. Malcolm
Davidson College

A. Malcolm Campbell
Davidson College
Associate Professor of Biology
Director of Genome Consortium for Active Teaching


As F21 member, Dr. A. Malcolm Campbell has been an active member of PKAL since 1997. He has led workshops for PKAL and attended the leadership institute in Baca, CO in 1999. Malcolm was a part of the PKAL delegation that traveled to China in the spring of 2003 to establish collaborations between US and Chinese institutions. He is the founding director of the Genome Consortium for Active Teaching (GCAT; which is dedicated to bring genomics into the undergraduate curriculum. With his coauthor Dr. Laurie J. Heyer, he wrote the first genomics textbook that was published in the fall of 2002 ( With Dr. Sarah Elgin at Washington University, he is co-Editor-in-Chief of Cell Biology Education (, an online journal of life science education. Malcolm teaches biology at Davidson College which has a long history of abroad programs; about 70% of all students spend at least 3 months abroad. Malcolm has been fortunate to live in several countries since graduating from college, including a wander jahr as a Watson Fellow in 1984-85.