CEEO - Center for Engineering Educational Outreach at Tufts University

Constantly building and taking things apart to gain a better understanding of how they work, children are natural engineers. By bringing engineering into the classroom, these natural instincts can be capitalized on to excite children about math and science and interest them in a future careers in those math, science, and engineering. Engineering also provides a way to integrate subjects and to show students the real world applications of the subjects they are learning. It lends itself to the development of personally meaningful projects that the students can relate to and hence are more likely to find motivating and engaging. Hands-on engineering design projects also addresses the needs of students with different learning and cognitive styles. The Center for Engineering Educational Outreach (CEEO) at Tufts University is dedicated to making engineering part of K-12 education by developing tools, curriculum, activities, outreach programs, and professional development courses. Using materials from paperclips to LEGOs the CEEO works to support teachers, students, administrators, and parents in incorporating engineering in K-12 schools.