Building Departmental Networks for Curricular Review

Cynthia McGowan, Merrimack College
David Statman, Allegheny College
Janice Voltzow, University of Scranton
Vic Montemayor, Middle Tennessee State University
Marlene Moore, University of Portland
Dawn Anderson, Berea College
Chris Rohlman, Albion College
Art Lidsky, Dober Lidsky and Associates


Utilizing the PKAL network, provide departments a program's opportunities for external evaluation and assessment. The department would provide PKAL wlders with a self-evaluation which would lead to the appointment of 2 external reviewers. The process would then result in 3 visits of 2 evaluators for curriculum.

  • Visit 1: Evaluation and assessment of goals

  • Visit 2: Mid-point review

  • Visit 3: Assessment and review



2 night visit for 2 people in Year 1/institution @ $500/institution


2 night visit for 2 people 1 institution ($500/institution)


Total budget not to exceed $2,000 in the first year and $1,000 in the second year