Breakout session C:
Using the Hudson River theme to link science, mathematics, English...

Breakout session C
Using the Hudson River theme to link science, mathematics, English and sociology courses for elementary education students

Saturday, November 8, 2003
3:30 - 4:45 pm

Lynn E. Maelia, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry- Mount Saint Mary College
Sr. Patricia Sullivan, Professor of Mathematics- Mount Saint Mary's College

Mount Saint Mary College offers a series of courses for elementary education pre-service students that integrate science, mathematics and technology. These courses stress mathematical concepts, the process of science and the interdisciplinary nature of mathematical and scientific knowledge. Two of the three courses in the sequence are theme-based, incorporating many fields of mathematics and science into courses with themes such as "The Hudson River" and "Energy". The Hudson River course has been linked to two other core courses taken by beginning students: College Writing and Introduction to Sociology to promote the interdisciplinary learning we would like to occur within the general education core. This coordinated effort to build bridges among courses and disciplines will model for students a core of related knowledge and skills that constitute general education, aid in the understanding of many disciplines and validate their importance, and optimize the relationship between science and civic engagement.