Breakout session C:
SENCER: Linking Science Education and Civic Engagement

Breakout session C
SENCER: Linking Science Education and Civic Engagement for Effective Student Learning

Monica A. Devanas, Director of Faculty Development and Assessment Programs, Teaching Excellence Center- Rutgers University
Thomas C. Wood, Assistant Professor, New Century College- George Mason University

Sponsored by AAC&U and funded through the National Science Foundation, SENCER is a comprehensive, national dissemination project that aims to improve undergraduate science education and foster civic engagement by teaching "to" the basic science "through" complex, capacious and contemporary issues which have meaning in the lives of our students. The first phase of the SENCER project is focused on revitalizing general education courses by combining engaging curriculum themes with progressive pedagogical approaches for deeper student learning and understanding. This approach will be illustrated by an overview of two SENCER model courses -- "HIV and AIDS" and "Mysteries of Migration." We will also discuss several strategies to sustain durable science education reform and include an opportunity for questions on how the national SENCER office might stimulate your design of general education science initiatives.