Breakout session B:
Race, rebels, and research: Science in a social context

Breakout session B
Race, rebels, and research: Science in a social context

Saturday, November 8, 2003
11:15am - 12:30 pm

Alan H. McGowan, Professor & Chair, Department of Science, Technology & Society- Eugene Lang College, New School University

This workshop will focus on two classes currently taught at New School University, Genes and Race, and Scientist as Rebels. The first combines the history of race as an idea with examination of the genetics of race, and then looks at the controversies over such things as race and health, race and IQ, and others. Scientists as Rebels examines questions of science and social justice, highlighting the work of prominent scientists throughout the ages. Both are general education courses, aimed at undergraduates with little or no science background. The workshop will begin with participants completing a questionnaire containing five controversial questions; the yes or no answers will be displayed in the workshop by participants showing red or green placards indicating their answers. Participants will also conduct several interviews with each other on the topics of both courses and the activities of specific scientists, break up into small groups, and report the results to the larger group. If time allows, participants will also break into small groups to discuss several case studies related to science and race, and report the results of those discussions to the entire group. A list of suggested readings, together with syllabi, will be distributed.