Breakout session B:
Discussion on taking undergraduate research global

Breakout session B
Discussion on taking undergraduate research global

Sataurday, November 15, 2003
2:30 - 4:00 pm

Laura L. Mays Hoopes, Professor of Biology and Molecular Biology- Pomona College
Tingxiu Wang, Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics- Oakton Community College
David Statman, Professor, Departments of Chemistry & Physics- Allegheny College
Cynthia Crow, Program Officer- Council for International Exchange of Scholars

This session will bring together practicioners and would-be-practicioners in setting up and maintaining international research collaborations. Many professors have discovered that they have a colleague abroad interested in many of the same things. Collaborations can grow from such contacts, and can include undergraduate student exchanges. As PKAL has discovered, there are people who have done this successfully, who have programs that facilitate extension of these contacts to include undergraduate researchers, and who can share their expertise and experience with those just considering such extensions. This breakout session will enable those who are considering establishing any sort of international research collaboration involving students, ranging from informal one-person level to institutional level facilitation of these contacts, to ask questions of and engage in discussion with people who have such programs running now and know how they can succeed and fail. This discussion will include consideration of costs and benefits of such programs at various levels of involvement, the kinds of commitment necessary to make them work, funding mechanisms that exist or could be needed, the evolution of some such programs from individual to institutional level, and the most appropriate kinds of programs for different types of institutions.