Breakout session B:
Designing spaces that accomodate the technologies...

Breakout session B:
Designing spaces that accomodate the technologies that are transforming the learning environment

Saturday, November 22, 2003
2:30 - 4:00 pm

Gary Gabriele, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

New technologies for teaching are having a significant impact on the design of learning environments. Coupled with new pedagogies aimed at more student engagement in the classroom, it has challenged the old format of large lecture halls and static classrooms. In this session, a case study will be presented on the design and development of a new teaching facility that was to accommodate new technologies and associated pedagogies for science and engineering courses. The requirements for this new facility will be presented. The group will then be asked to develop a plan for how these requirements would be addressed. The proposals will be discussed and compared to an existing facility developed for these requirements.