Breakout session A: Programs that work
Introductory courses that serve all majors

Breakout session A
Programs that work
Introductory courses that serve all majors

Saturday, September 6, 2003
2:30 - 3:25 pm

Thomas D. Kim, Associate Professor of Chemistry- Youngstown State University

The presentation will focus on three courses that satisfy the science requirement for non-science majors at Union College. Topics in Chemical Analysis-Forensic Chemistry provides an introduction to forensic chemistry through the use of research-grade instrumentation and "crime-scene" evidence. Meals to Molecules looks at human nutrition from a molecular perspective, with an emphasis on how foods are used by the body how to interpret health claims from suppliers of food supplements and diet promoters. Introduction to Environmental Studies is an introduction to environmental studies from both scientific and policy perspectives. Topics include human population dynamics, global warming, acid rain, pollution and remediation and biodiversity. Case studies of PCBs, dioxin, alar, arsenic and mercury are discussed as examples of how society deals with problematic chemicals.